Biomechanics Vocab and Basics

by Dustyn Roberts on January 22, 2012

Quantify the qualitative (clinicians and designers vs. engineers)
Scalars vs. Vectors, bad jokes
Force (mass, wine, and elevators)
Friction (without it, we can’t walk)
Torque (embarrassing doors)

Relative motion: reference earth, bike, sun?
The cause of motion is a force
Two type of motion:

  1. Translation (linear)
    • Rectilinear
    • Curvilinear
  2. Rotation (angular)

Degrees of Freedom (Etch-A-Sketch, Planes)

Anatomical Planes

Sagittal plane: flexion/extension
Coronal/Frontal plane: abduction/adduction
Transverse plane

Anatomical Terms of Location

How muscles (in theory) generate force that’s transformed into joint torque that creates movement.

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