Progress as of 4/16/13

by Nadine on April 16, 2013

My research process for this infant documentation tool has been very layered like an onion and has almost felt like a thesis. But I’m almost there. šŸ™‚ moreā€¦

This weeks activities consisted of doing recruitment for interviews and feedback on my infant prototype system from parents, professors, medical professionals, and physical therapists. Ā So far I interviewed one medical doctor (pediatrician) and a parent about their experience of assessing development in infants and toddlers. Here are the questions I asked the pediatrician and will […] moreā€¦

Infant Motion Analysis Prototypes

by Nadine on April 4, 2013

Here are some sample prototypes that I’ve built so far in this process….. more details to come. moreā€¦

The ongoing google doc will be kept here: An infantā€™s development is usually broken down into the following categories: gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, and cognitive. When designing products that assist in the tracking, recording, and promotion developmental milestones, it is important to keep these categories in mind in order to properly assess […] moreā€¦

For our Biomechanics assignment this week we had to choose three topics to do preliminary research on that were aligned with our own individual interests. My initial findings are below: Topic of Interest #1: Optical Motion CaptureĀ  I am very interested in motion capture systems and software to track motion, especially in children and infants […] moreā€¦ moreā€¦

The publication entitled “The effect of a new syringe design on the ability of rheumatoid arthritis patients to inject a biological medication” was a hallmark example of how great design can improve the quality of life for those with and without special needs. This particular study focused on the impact of using an innovative three […] moreā€¦

The Neck: Mapping the Range of Motion

by Nadine on February 11, 2013

I decided on mapping the range of motion for the neck: flexion, extension, and twisting because I feel like the neck is an understated part of the body that is capable of conveying physical and emotional responses to various stimuli. These responses can be measured and analyzed. Check out the animation this address:Ā . I […] moreā€¦

The principal article used to learn more about Dr. James Wells Research was Ā found at: . The full citation is:Ā Wells, James P. Hyler-Both, David. Danley, Tabitha. Wallace, Gregory. Biomechanics of growth and development in a healthy human infant: a pilot study. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.Ā June 1, 2002Ā vol. 102Ā no. 6Ā 313-319. <> Children are […] moreā€¦